Quiet Cool House Fans

Here at AnyTime Heating And Cooling we specialize in Quiet Cool whole house fans. These whole house fans greatly benefit everyone especially those in the Central Valley. This is great for pulling the hot air out of the home by cracking a few windows in the morning and evening at the coolest times of the day. Once you turn this on it will pull all the cool air in and push the hot air out the attic giving you a cool home and attic, it also works well with your HVAC due to the home being cooled down by the whole house fan it keeps your AC working smarter not harder increasing the life of your AC, thanks to the whole house fan once you turn your AC on it's easier on your HVAC to keep the home cool and fresh, during the cooler times of year just when summers coming to a end where it still gets warm inside during the day a lot of people say they don't even need the AC the quiet cool cools the home down nicely on its own. Check out the YouTube Video on this page to see for your self.